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Whether it’s a touring national concert or a small corporate event, Contact Black Box to discuss all your production needs
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Nearly all of Black Box’s inventory is available for short or long term hire.
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Black Box has the pro-stage staging system. Its modular design means it can handle the demands of large concerts or a small corporate event.
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Welcome to Black Box
Audio & Lighting
Black Box has provided high quality audio and lighting solutions for over 18 years. We have vast experience and equipment to suit any job, from a major outdoor concert to a small corporate function.
Tell us about your desired final outcome and we can make it happen for you. Whether you need us to do the entire production, or simply supply you with the right equipment.
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  We provide production service
...for outdoor concerts, Corporate Theatre, Touring Festivals, local and national music promoters, Government departments, Schools, Churches, local Councils and private functions.
Call now on (08) 8340 3776
Sales & Installation
Green Power Generation Service
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Mixing consoles, digital effects, compressors/gates, speaker
Lighting desks, dimmer racks, 4 bar cans, lanterns, rigging systems
Crowd Barriers
Crowd fencing, cable protection, ground protection
Approved interlocking 5 channel cable protectors
Rigging Solutions